Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Race Ends With A Fishtail And A Crash

For the benefit of those who are fanatics of Lamborghini Gallardos, this video just might be a little too much to stomach. But if you enjoy the spectacle of supercar crashes – injuries notwithstanding – then check out how a Lamborghini owner managed to destroy his beloved Gallardo in spectacular fashion.

As is the case most of the time with these exotic crashes, the scene for this episode is a rather busy highway where two Gallardos – an orange and a green one – are trying to stretch their legs with their Italian supercar. We understand the adrenaline of putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to cars like the Gallardo, but we also are aware of the dangerous ramifications that could happen should anything go wrong.

Apparently, these two idiots either forgot that memo or they just couldn’t care less.

In the middle of their public showboating, the driver of the green Gallardo inexplicably lost control of his LP 560-4 – yeah, it has AWD – sending it into a massive tailspin before crashing in to the center cement divider.

As you can expect, when that happens, cement always wins.

A poor decision to race that was compounded by some less-than-stellar racing skills all add up to a pretty dinged up supercar and a more than expensive repair bill.